Getting Through the Blues


Monday's are always the worst for me. Work sucks, I just went through another weekend without a date and I miss my kid. I was only married for 3 years so you would think that I would still know how to atleast talk to women. Well I don't...I don't even know where to meet them. I don't drink and church seems to be an akward place plus what if they are married. Ahrg!! I guess I better stop feeling sorry for myself but I would sure like some tips


Anonymous said...

Rem. it is in God's time that you get a mate. Stay in pray and believe in HIS devine plan for your life. He is still working on your soul mate and you and when the time is! I just found your blog and know this was from June, but maybe this will help. Hope you're still reading it! Precious little girl.

Jason said...

God's time, God's time...HURRY UP GOD... haha! Today was a blessed day. I will learn to be content with where I am in life and if I let go and let God I will grow.

Thanks for commenting on some of the older posts. They are all still relevant and important to me.