I Choose...


Someone once told me that people would rather be right than happy. I pondered this for awhile and found much truth in it. Ofcourse thinking about myself there have been plenty of times that had to be right and the other person must know that I am right. How much of my relationship was about being right??

Rather be right than happy...no longer! I choose happiness. Being right is not all that is cracked up to be. It is okay to be right but if you have to make a choice than there typically is someone involved that must be wrong. Most of us don't like to be told they are wrong I know I didn't, especially when I thought I was right.

I feel like I am going in circles here trying to explain this to myself. I choose to be happy, I choose to enjoy this very moment and not feel sad or betrayed, I choose to look forward to my future and watching Madalyn grow up, God willing. I am in control of what I feel and do. I can choose to make the right decision or not.

More and more I am becoming aware of this. As I go for my afternoon walk at work I often find myself thinking on matters that I should not be thinking on. I typically get frustrated or sad. Then I stop and I think I choose to enjoy this very moment and the sun beating on my face. Often times that is enough to snap me out of it and start thinking about more productive issues.