Madalyn gets a Hair Cut from Daddy


I would of thought that I learned that I am not the best suited person to give a hair cut. Even if the victim, I mean person, is only two years old. I remember the first time I gave Madalyn a hair cut, four months ago, and well it did not turn out so hot.

Her bangs were hanging in her face and she was constantly brushing her hair out of her eyes so while I was giving her a bath I decided to cut her bangs. For many of you that are much smarter than I you probably see where I ran into trouble and no it wasn't trrying to get a two year old to stay still.

Hair looks a lot longer when it is wet, I have not idea why, so I chose a good starting point everything looked good and I "trimmed" her bangs. The funny thing is when her hair dried she absolutely had no bangs they were completely gone. That poor girl if she would of been older she would of disowned me all I could hope was that my EX did not kill me, and to be honest I thought she might.

At this point all I could hold on to was the fact that they would grow back and for about three weeks I felt so bad for this kid. In all honesty have you ever gone into a daycare and seen any child with a good hair cut?? I think there is a whole bunch of do it yourselvers out there whom are just winging it like me.

Anyways you would of thought that I learned my lesson then but hey, I enjoy a bit of excitement every know and then so I took it upon myself to give Madalyn another hair cut. Not only did I do her bangs but I took about two inches off her back. Man I think I got the hang of it. It doesn't look to bad and I waited for it to be dry so hopefully there won't be too many suprises. Anyhow I guess the point is be very careful when cutting wet hair and if you do screw it up remember it will grow back.

Update: 9/16/08
The most important thing I learned is that: don't cut hair when wet and more importantly, IT DOES GROW BACK! So dads don't worry to much, the kid won't be scarred for life.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jason
Your story about cutting your daughter's hair just brought tears of laughter to my eyes. I have been in a similar situation myself. It is the worst feeling isn't it?

At the time it isn't funny, but you can laugh about it afterwards. Your description of the whole incident was hilarious!


Jason said...

Thanks for the comment. I was sitting here kind of thinking about how my day has gone and your comment brought the thought of that night into my head and I busted out laughing. "Good Times" I tell you what she knew nothing of what was going on and all I could think about was "Dear God Help Me!!" ha-ha-ha.

God Bless You and thanks again.