Making the Best of IT


The past week has really taken a toll on me at work. I don't see myself being able to make a career out of being the company scape goat, unless they pay me A LOT more. If it can go wrong it will is my new modo. So as I sit here and feel sorry for myself I think all the way back to yesterday when Madalyn seemed to have a bad night.

First she was running to the playground and for some reason she took a flying dive in the parking lot. OUCH! We worked through that... then she was playing and smacked her head hard, leaving a nice bruise on her cheek. I figure she has had enough punishment for one night so we come home. During the evening she is making sure I am behind her so she is not watching where she is going and walks right into the bookcase. This poor kid is just taking a beating...

Kind of reminds me of the way things are going for me. So should I sit around and feel sorry for myself?????? I think I might do that for about another 5 minutes but then it is time get back to the moment and choose to have the best night possible and look forward to what tomorrow has to offer. I am sure Madalyn isn't letting the events of last night keep her down. When we go to the park tonight I am sure she will give it all shes got just like she always does.

Thank you God for using Madalyn to open my eyes.


Steve said...

Hi Jason. I am the one who e-mailed you a few days ago. Actually, I am the moderator of Steve's blog and you can reach me at Please drop me a line so that I can get in touch with you directly if that is ok. I am looking for someone to continue in Steve's steps and blog for us from the single Christian dad perspective. E-mail me and we can chat about the possiblity of this. I greatly appreciate it!