Being a Good Christian Dad


My last post talked much about the power struggle between Madalyn and I and I have felt that I am lost and alone in the whole situation. Really not knowing what to do.. One comment from a visitor told me to talk to Madalyn on her level. As I contemplated what Madalyn's level is I realized that I am not seeing her for the smart, understanding child she is. In my mind I am still talking to her in "goo goo" and "ga ga".

Sure I see her growing up before my eyes but for some reason, mentally I still see her as a baby and "how could a baby understand that I am simply setting rules?" One night I was doing some laundry and Madalyn was laying in bed reading her book, pretending to read it(still cute as heck), and I was just talking to her. She answered my questions beautifully and was talking back to me. I was having a converstation with my child which I thought impossible. I almost started crying my eyes out for not seeing this before. Why does it seem I am always part of the problem?? Anyhow, I had my epiphany and things have been so much better lately.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers.