Getting Rid of the Binkie


Madalyn is 3 now and I have not been too concerned about the fact that she is still using her binkie. For some reason she started using it when she was 1, I know by then she should of never had one. But after the separation and divorce I did not want to take it from her.

Well I have been praying about gradually getting her off the binkie, it is funny cause she acts like she "needs" it. An amazing thing happened a couple nights ago and that is she woke up and came to me in the middle of the night and told me her ear hurt. Great! I thought, another ear infection. So I get out the Healthwise handbook and we are looking through it. I notice it says that sucking on a pacifier past the age of 1 can greatly increase the occurances of ear infections. So I tell her that the binkie is hurting her ear and I also added, "princesses don't use binkies." Next thing I know she hands it to me and it has been almost 24 hours since she has had it in her mouth. She has not even asked for it. WOW!

I am in awe because she was like a kid addicted to candy, she always needed it. I thank God for answering my prayer because I have been nervous about taking on this battle.


Jason said...

It has been about a week now and Madalyn is still not using her binkie. She is doing great. There was once where she reached for it in its usual spot but then remembered she gave it up.

I am so excited to be watching my little girl grow up.