Finding Quality Child Entertainment


Where I live we experience a variety of weather. For the most part it is not bad but when you have a 3 year old I found it hard to find things to do. I might add, affordable things to do. It seems that much of the entertainment options are a waste of time and money. I found that coloring, reading, painting, and playing at home only go so far and I need more to do.

I am afraid that I have created a DVD junkie. I knew I was bad but I never seen anyone, like my daughter, sit down and watch Dora or Shrek 3-4 times in a row. Please don’t scold me for even allowing such a thing to take place. I can be a softy most of the time :-)

Well I found a great solution, unfortunately it is a little late in the winter season but this event is good all year long. The “Public Library”, they offer a story-time once a week for kids Madalyns age and I was impressed. The lady that read the books was great. There were puppets, counting, colors, dancing, singing, etc. It was great! The first time I took Madalyn she kicked and screamed when we left. It is a good time and I recommend checking out your public library for fun activities. Of course I am sure all you moms out there already knew about that kind of thing.

Anyhow, even though it is starting to warm up and the park and zoo will soon be an option I am very interested in more fun things to do so let me know.


Anonymous said...

a few ideas:
some of the bookstores have scheduled story time, going to a pet store (some have hamster races scheduled), home improvement & craft stores sometimes have childrens classes for reasonable prices. Let her "help" you do house stuff. At this age she can assist you in making a basket in to the washer with dirty clothes, a dusting race with old socks or making sock puppets can sometimes be fun, making a tent out of chairs and sheets is usually a day of giggles waiting to happens. She can learn to help "cook"(stir with a wooden spoon), anything involving water , water is just water to clean up. Involve her in any of your daily tasks as much as possible, she'll enjoy helping daddy and making her feel as though she's contributing builds confidence. I hope the ideas from what my son and I used to share help. Moms at your local church for ideas, they usually have great ideas and we are usually faced with budget challenges so we understand. God bless you both, C.

Jason said...

SOCK PUPPETS!! I love it. Thank you so much, you have given me some good ideas. It makes me wonder what I did as a kid. I don't know if times were different clear back when but my mom said that I was born "bored" so I must of been hard to entertain. :-)

I really enjoy cooking so that is something that I will try to work in with her more. She always helps me with the laundry and is a great towel folder...