I got a Belly Ache


I don't know if anyone else has this problem but Madalyn loves medicine. It is harder to tell if she is actually not feeling well or just wants me to give her a dose of medicine. Sure there are times it is obvious but she is on this kick about having a belly ache. I bought some pepto for children, ofcourse it is pink and bubble gum flavor, well she must really like it because everyday she tells me she has a belly ache. "Daddy I need some pink medicine." I know for the most part she just needs to eat her dinner or have some milk but it is constant. Even with the Tylenol, she just wants it. "Daddy I am sick."

I have tried to distract her from medicine by giving her a chewable vitamin but I just can't believe how much she loves medicine. FYI, in case you are wondering I have put the medicine in the closet on a high shelf. You never know with her... she can be determined.

Anyone else go through something similar?


Jon said...

My girls did the same thing. In fact, they enjoyed the bubble-gum antibiotic so much, they would chug the stuff like an Irish Biker at Oktoberfest! And FYI, child proof caps don't always keep them out!

My youngest daughter will frequently complain of stomach aches though. She is 13, so it is not a matter of wanting to take medicine. Usually it is the food she ate or lack of a BM. Of course every time we are at the docs...she says it doesn't bother her and it was only once or twice. So I feel your pain in trying to understand this 'little woman'.

So how are you working through this with her?

Jason said...

Hi Jon,

I think I found a cure all for the belly ache syndrome. They are called fruit snacks. It never fails, when she says she has a belly ache I simply wait a few minutes, ask her what she needs and she says, "fruit snacks".

I only hope I can tell when it is the real thing but for now my assumptions are she is hungry and for some reason she conveys it as havinga belly ache.

Thanks Jon for stopping by and "rock on dude!"

Anonymous said...

My son does the exact same thing...be careful...he has also learned that if he says he's sick at school he gets to go home! I've had to make sure that if he says he's sick, he gets to actually 'be' sick...meaning that he has to rest and take it easy. ;)