Behavior Chart for Madalyn


A recent comment from a visitor has inspired me to put together a behavior chart so... HERE it is. I hope I did not go over board but I am really excited to give it a try. I wish Madalyn was here right now. (She would probably tear it off the wall :-( )

It has 3 parts: The first section is for basic habits I am trying to encourage, like handwashing, using "please" and "thankyou", and not throwing a fit.

The next section deals with when Madalyn does good thing like put her clothes in the dirty hamper or her shoes in the closet. She is kind of funny and I don't know where she gets it but I can be walking in house after her and she immediately begins leaving a trail of clothes, shoes, etc to her room. Messy little girl :-) She can color or put a sticker in the spot on the lady bug. Once it is complete she will get a treat.

This is the hardest part for me because I am not good at punishment. I spoil her too much and maybe that is part of the reason I am having problems but anyhow here is the last stage. The 3 strikes and your butt is mine... I am teasing! I am going to try various methods of discipline and I hope using the chart Madalyn will better understand what is going on. I also included a feelings chart so we can communicate our feelings to one another better.

Well that is it. I hope it did not go over-board. I have stickers ready to go and I even bought a few goodies from the dollar store. I put them in a box, the "reward box". I still think I have some issues to work out with how I use it because I don't want to reward her too much for doing what is right.


Anonymous said...

Jason, here's a good resource. Wow! you ran with it.

I feel I must confess one of my "creative discipline". My son, 8 at the time, did not like getting up and getting ready for school....(he hated getting a bath/shower at night and it helped to wake him up in the morning)While he was to be showering I was to cook him a nice hot breakfast. After the second warning he had a choice, either he got in the shower by the second warning by himself or I put him in the shower in whatever he was wearing. I only had to do this twice. Some may say this is harsh...It was harder on me because I had the wet clothes to deal with at the end of the's not too much more than dealing with swim clothes...Thank God he got it! He's too big to pick up now.
Pray, for guidence and wisdom.Look for parenting classes in your area. Alot of what they tell you is "common sense", but it's that one idea that you didn't think about that makes it worth the time. The social worker that taught the class said when a child can operate Nintendo they can operate Maytag. She also told us how she would limit the amount of stuff her children were allowed to have available to make a mess with by rotating boxes of toys monthly. Which in a way kind of follows scriptural principles (forgive me I don't remember the actual verse) "to those who much is given, much is expected." God doesn't give us more than we can handle why do we expect more from our kids.
Discipline isn't always punishment...alot of it has to being able to out think your kid. (yes, I did spank when what he was doing had the potential to be dangerous or hurt somebody) I heard a blended family at my church has a consequences book in their home. This notebook had a list of every possible negative behavior and the consequence for that behavior. They did this to keep themselve from acting over emotionally and to keep the discipline consistant.
Another idea is to try explaining why you do things a certain way.
eg. Mady, see how daddy puts his keys on the hook when we get home, that way I know exactly where they are when when want to got to the park. If you put your shoes in the closet you will know exactly where they are so you can put them on and we can get to the park quicker when we go.
I know alot of verbage. It does help. Please pray for me though. I'm still trying to explain why my significant other and I don't spend the night together; like my exe and theirs do; until marriage. I'm trying not to get too graffic and yet incorporate God's will into the explaination. C.

Jason said...

C, you got me thinking so I ran right out and "got it done". I am excited to use it and I know Madalyn will think it is neat too. Thanks for all the verbage, I know I will be returning to this post in the future for help.

I have lookef into parenting classes in the area but get this... all I could find were classes for children 6 years or older.

I will pray for, I respect you for doing what you're doing. I can imagine it being hard to explain something like that to a child without making it sound like dad is doing the wrong thing. I can see a potential mess.

However, you sound like you have a lot of wisdom. You'll get through this with no problem.

Jason said...

"Oh, Man" I just checked out that website and it has some cool charts. Madalyn is a Dora and Little Einstein fanatic so I will work those in next month.

Thanks again.