Got Visitors


We had a nice surprise recently and grandma and grandfather paid Madalyn and I a visit. It is always nice to see Madalyn interact with them. She does such a good job it makes me wonder whos kid she is.

She got a new princess crown and some other play stuff so now I have to call her "princess". Silly little girl. Lately she acts more like a bully than a princess. We went to a wedding reception and the kids were dancing, sort of, on the dance floor and Madalyn grabs this little girl and shoves her on the ground. I could not believe what I just saw... We left after that and she would not discuss it with me as "why" she did it. She simply threw a fit for having to leave. I feel like I am losing her.

Is this part of being 3 or am I doing something wrong? I try to discipline her and it doesn't always work but I am trying to be consistent. She has even started to taunt me about spanking her butt. She sticks it out and and says, "spank me daddy." I can't believe it, SHE IS 3.


Anonymous said...

She's three! creative disciple is the key. Spanking is the easy way out, as soon as the 30 second-pain goes away often so does the lesson.
Tips: review acceptable behavior & unacceptable behavior BEFORE overstimulating situations. Mady is used to being the center of your attention....where you paying attention to somebody else when this occurred or shortly before?(from her perspective, did she think you were) This may be attention seaking behavior.
Use the princess stuff to your benefit...princess' don't do this, pricess do that... (it'll work for a little while)
Heads up your have to be creative....a behavior chart (made mine on the word program) with rewards/goals for being good work until usually second/third grade, stickers can be purchase at the dollar store. This helps with behavior/consequenses and goal setting. Giving her the sticker to put on the chart next to the goal is exciting at this age.
rewards can be simple (ask her her favorite/special thing to do).
eg. five stickers/times caught picking up socks when not asked = ice cream cone, six times putting dishes in sink = walk in the park
When she starts reading/writing age having her look up proverbs and write then to re-enforce behaviors could be a consequence. (Helps me to remember the proverb too) This is a good time to start reading the more appropiate ones to her. note: 31 chapters of proverbs, 31 days in most months. Wish I would have known this when my son was this age but God had a plan. He'll be 11 in July and we talk...he told me he would much rather get the spanking when he was younger because it didn't last as long. Hope this help you brother, I do pray for you. C.

Jason said...

Lots of good stuff here. I don't like to spank and she seems to be getting angrier when she is with me. I don't know what goes on at her moms but I do know she is really getting stubborn and mean.

I have a goal board for myself on the wall I think it is time to set up a rewards board for the girl. Thanks C.