I Want to be a Stay at Home Dad


When I was married I was working hard to make it so my wife could be a stay at home mom. The problem was she or we had to much debt that made it impossible, at least for the short term. Everything was in place and I had a 3-year plan to change it all.

Well now it has been almost 2-years since we parted ways and I am no better off financially. And to top it off I find that I wish I could work at home and be a stay at home dad. Is it normal for a guy to want to be with his child so much? Sure there are times she drives me crazy but I love the stuffing out of her.

Kind of silly, huh? I don't think of remarrying and trying to provide the opportunity for my next wife to stay at home. I want it for myself... :-) I guess in that case I know I would appreciate it unlike my previous wife. What I learned from that experience is that, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished."


My2Gs said...

I found your blog today through Blog Rush. I think that it is AWESOME that you have stepped up to the plate to take care of your daughter the way that you have been. She is truely blessed to have a daddy who loves her so much!

Jason said...

Thanks, I am very blessed to have her. I always look forward to seeing her. Even now I wish I could simple drop and sleep but I know I can't and yet it is all good for the day will pass.