Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time


So here it is Monday night and I "thought" there was a child discipleship class at church. So I make it a point to go, no EXCUSES! Feeling a bit nervous I go in and things are set up for an event, "cool this must be the place." Well to my surprise it was only for Single MOMS and it looked like they were expecting a good turnout. Yes, I felt like an idiot but fortunately there were not many people there yet, it still had about an 1/2 hour to start. This could of really been an embarassing moment and yet it also fits in with the kind of luck I seem to have.


Anonymous said...


Your heart was in the right place.One day you will look back on all of this and laugh!

Jason said...

I think some of the ladies got a good laugh. I did too. I was either close to being a very lucky man or a very cursed one.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! They didn't invite you to stay anyway? That's a bummer......too bad that info wasn't in the information about the group. Hopefully you'll find other groups you can join at this church.