The Perfect Night


What does a perfect evening to me look like....? Well I had a close one recently and this is how it went. The weather was a beautiful fall day, temp in the high 70's. I stopped by the store for some dinner fixings and picked up Madalyn.

We got home, fired up the barbeque, and prepared our movie. We ate dinner then had our ice cream and then popcorn while watching our movie for the remainder of the night. We were both fast asleep by 9:30pm. There is nothing better than a nice relaxing evening at home with someone you care about and good food.

Okay... Yes, this is how I spent my FRIDAY night.


skdb said...

No matter what night of the week it is (even a FRIDAY), I think you painted such a sweet picture. Keep making memories...the day will come when she will be busy on a Friday night!

Jason said...

I am often reminded that it won't last and that the teenage years are soon to come.... UH OH!!

Richard J said...

Jason--Hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and you are completely right about this: they do grow up faster than we can imagine. My kids are still young (6, 5, and 3), but they grow and change every day.

I try to remember to cherish all those sweet moments. They pass by so fast!

Jason said...

Hey Richard... I know what you mean. Actually it scares me!