Scared of the Dark


For the past few months Madalyn has been more and more scared of the dark or even being in a room by herself. I don't know if it is manipulation or if she really is scared. It has gotten to the point where it is more than an anoyance. I am concerned about this and I am not quite sure I know how to convince her there is nothing to be scared of. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,

You may want to adjust your nighttime routine to include a reminder of you or a new "lovie."

My daughter, 2 1/4, was having trouble with leaving me for a church program and it ended up that taking the time to address her fears and give her something of mine (a small purse) with a special doll in it made all the difference. Perhaps you have something that she could hold at night that reminds her of you?

And as far as the manipulation goes, go with your instinct. If this is something out of character, then examine what other things have been going on . . .


Jason said...

I bought her this huge teddy bear to "protect" her but it doesn't seem to have the same effect. I told her when she is 4 she is a big girl and won't be scared anymore... That is still 2 months away.

Anonymous said...

I leave Grace's door open with the hall light on until she falls asleep. Sometimes she'll say "I'm scared of the dark" and we pray together about it and I remind her that Mom is just next door and that Jesus is taking care of her while she sleeps. Leaving the door open with the hall light on has helped her the most. Night lights didn't work for us because she wanted to get up and play in her room.

Also, I saw in a catolog that you can get "bed lights" to light up under your bed to keep the monsters away. Maybe she'd go for something like that, they come in several different colors.

mel said...

We use "Monster Spray" or "Worry Spray" (an air freshener with a home made label) at night. The kids feel safer and we have the freshest under beds and closets in town. Just pick a scent you don't normally use or the jig is up!