Holiday Shopping Ideas


Here we are approaching another holiday season and finding the right gift is getting even harder. I guess that is because it has to be affordable. We got the dolls, dvds, colors, books, stuffed animals, etc so what else is there?

Madalyn can use the mouse and the computer pretty good so I wouldn't mind finding a computer game she can play but I can't find any that seem to be good for her age that allow her to grow with. She does the online gaming thing but it is easy to get lost.

Any ideas??

If you have other gift ideas for a 4 year old girl please let me know. Hot Wheels??


Kae said...

:) I buy my 4yr old daughter a hot wheels car each time she is good in the store. The VTech games are cool. The console has a writing part, a microphone and a joystick. And they have a bunch of great games, plus you could get the vmotion (it is like a car driving one i think)or the hand-held one which i guess is suppose to be like a nintendo ds. Which is one of the things i will be getting my 4yr old. AND it comes in pink. Big selling point :)

Anonymous said...

Well, for starters, you could ask her what she wants for Christmas to get some ideas.

Barbies are always fun, Grace wants a scooter, a helmet, a guitar, a magic cape, and a barbie with red clothes so far....she may not get them all, but it at least gives me some ideas. She's not ready for a guitar and a scooter, so we might wait on those for her birthday.

Another cool thing is color wonder markers....they only color on the colorwonder paper and not on clothes and carpet.

Does she have a tea set? Tea sets are SO MUCH FUN!!!!

As you can see, I'm not big on toys that require batteries, #1, you have to keep buying more batteries, and #2, most of them leave no room for the imagination to be used.

What about a keyboard or something like that she can make music on?

Jason said...

Saturdays, during cartoons, I have noticed that Madalyn is much more involved in the commercials. It used to be, "daddy turn the show back on" and I would have to explain to her why I could not.

I fear the commercials!! :-)

Lets see... I got the tea set, keyboards, horses. Maybe I will ask her.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I thought about it some might be fun if she had an inexpensive digital camera so you guys can have outings where you both can take pictures of can take some pretty neat pictures, also does she have a doll house? Grace has one and LOVES it.

Kae said...

Oh i just thought of something else. I took the girls to the store and we took pictures of everything thay wanted "for Santa", i made sure to get the price in the picture.. I just kept reminding her i was taking the pics to Santa..

Jason said...

I found this little digital camera for $15... I am leary to get it but it may be just the ticket. I guess if it is crap I can always take it back.

Rindy R said...

Just found you blog - very cute. I have two girls who are 10 and 8. When they were 4 they LOVED all that plastic play food! I would make dinner and she would pull out all the plastic food (which we stored in a kitchen cabinet) and either "cook" with me or I got her a big button calculator and she would play store and ring up everything in my pantry. To tell you the truth - they still love all that plastic play food - but now they play restaurant with it - I made them menus with their names on them and laminated them. They love it. Your daughter might love that as well now that I think about it! Good luck!