Making Clothes Dad Proof


I was so excited a few weeks ago to be able to get Madalyn some new clothes. I thought I had found her the perfect jacket. It looked warm and was reversable and even better it was all PINK. Good Job Dad!

The first time Madalyn wore it the jacket came back with all sorts of debris stuck to it. I thought of how she must of rolled on the ground to make it so bad. I spent a good hour in front of the tv picking off leaves. I hoped as the season went on there would be less leaves to pick off but now she wore it again and I don't even want to try and pick them off. It is covered with leaves and sticks. I sure hope she is having fun because it looks like it. The jacket looks like wool but it isn't, of course. I am going to try and wash it, unless someone stops me, and see if that helps but my gut says it is only going to make things worse. Another lesson learned. :-)

Here are a couple images to help since I could not find any labels... DADS BEWARE!!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog today. You are me and I am you. It is amazing. I married a woman who I thought was a christian. I believed that we would never divorce. Our faith was paramount in our lives. Until about a year ago. She left me in May for one of my friends. She had been having an affair. I went through all the things you have described. My wife left our 4 year old daughter with me. Now we have joint custody, but I have her most of the time. I know all to well the emotions you go through. I was lucky. 4 days after my wife left. I gave up. I went to my knees and asked him to take over my life. It didn't save my marriage. The changes he made in me. He forced me to love her. Even when I felt so betrayed. I cast my bitterness, anger, anxiety, failure, and blame to him. He was faithful to me. By the changes in me. I have seen the turmoil it created in my wife. Yes I still call her my wife. She is still with the man she left me for. His family accepts her, even though they were my friends. The Lord has not released me. How ever much, I have want to go. I have to be obedient to him. The biggest lesson I have learned. Is to listen to the Lord. Continue to allow him to change you. Growth isn't fun. Matter of fact, it sucks. Your blog is awesome. I wish, I had done the same. I haven't read any revelations from you. What is God saying to you. Has he released you? Are still allowing the Lord to work on you? I like to use an onion analogy. Is he still peeling the layers.

Jason said...

Thanks for visiting... You want to know something? I am terrible at listening to the Lord and hearing what He has for me. Yes, I freely admit it. However, I am working on it and it will likely take until the day I die before I even come close to hearing Him. The best way I gauge myself on a day-to-day basis is by His word.

In a way He is always speaking to us simply by us reading and doing what His word says. So often I hear,"Jason you should not be doing that!" Oh boy do I hear that A LOT...

Anonymous said...

You're in luck Jason, it's not wool, it's can wash it and it will be fine, but I'd try to get most of it out before you wash it or it might get ground in. Did you say it's reversable? If it is, what is the other side like? Can you get this side clean and then have her wear it on the other side so you won't have this mess again.....very cute jacket though.

Jason said...

FLEECE, that is it. I am terrible. I will pick it out but it looks much worse than the pictures. About it being reversable, YES, does Madalyn like the other side, NO. hehehe

I will give it my best shot, thanks