Managing My Emotions


I have been here before, more than once. My emotions begin to get the best of me, they manage me instead of me managing them. I don't know if anyone else feels this way but to me emotions are liars. I used to pride myself on being logical and at times wise. I really wasn't all that impulsive, except when it came to spending money now and then. But now I am so quick to fly off the handle or feel sad. I am sure part of it has to do with the upcoming holiday season but an even bigger part is I think God is testing me. Whether it be money, time, or emotions I am being tested and God is looking for me to manage all the above in a Godly way and I have let my emotions slip to where they are in control and I am acting like an immature idiot. Satan is getting a foothold and it is time to take it BACK!


Anonymous said...

I have one word for you......STRESS.
When I was working full time and teaching piano, Grace could do the littlest thing and instead of taking care of the issue or disciplining her, I would start yelling.......then I made a vow not to yell anymore (I've never been a yeller, for some reason, parenting makes you a yeller.) Anyway, do I still yell? Sometimes, but not near as often, maybe once a month now. I also read a book by the supernanny and it had some FANTASTIC ideas in it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jason said...

ha-ha! I like that you say being a parent makes you a "yeller". I am very adverse to loud noises, that includes screaming and yelling. I don't know why I think the louder I yell the better she will understand. All it does is maker her cry LOUDER. I guess it is kind of like talking to someone who doesn't speak english. We think the slower we talk the better they will understand. :-)

I think I could do much better if I would let myself off the hook better. I seem to of picked up where my exwife left off on keeping score.

God Bless and thank you so much.