Gods Will vs My Will


Every now and then God opens my eyes to a revelation. Of course He does this through Madalyn to make sure I am even more humbled and able to get the full context of His grace.

I can be praying for my usual; money, mate, success, etc. My usual “me-me-me” prayer and in an instant I start to think about how Madalyn was a stinker all day long by constantly asking for candy, pop, chocolate, Dora, etc. She is in her “me-me-me” phase yet the difference between her and I are, she is 4 and I am 30 something.

I know what she is asking for isn’t always beneficial but she won’t listen to reason and take “no” for an answer. She just keeps on asking and asking and sometimes throwing the occasional fit. “Boy this sounds familiar, but then I would never do such a thing.” J

Madalyn and myself share a common feeling, we both want something that isn’t always good for us in the quantities we desire and at the time we desire. As God acting in my self-interest He knows what is best for me yet I don’t understand or don’t listen because I want it and I want it now. Again this sounds familiar, it must run in the family.

I know there is a time and place for most things and I try to explain that to Madalyn, which usually I end up a bit frustrated because she doesn’t get it. I wonder if God feels that way? “Jason you simply don’t get it.” There are times I view God as the bad guy for not giving into my requests, just like Madalyn

This instant gratification thing seems to be instilled in us at a very young age and from my own experience it is hard to break and move beyond. I guess that is why I have lived outside my means and have credit card debt. I have wasted so much money over the years just because I wanted something. So many of those things hardly get used or have been disposed of. Why do I do it?

I know what I need to work on and I hope I can be less self-focused and pass this along to Madalyn. I am confident that my hard work will pay off someday. I am also confident that God will bless me with a mate. The big question is when and how will I learn to be the best steward of all the blessings God has in store for me? How will I be able to live in the Peace while being patient?


Anonymous said...

I posted something very similar awhile back titled "Time Out" it's amazing what God teaches us through our children.

Jason said...

Sometimes it makes me think I will never grow up...