Kids Out of Control


Maybe the title is misleading, how about "Kids being Kids"... Ya that works. So my sister and family were in town for Thanksgiving and they have a boy, Cosmos, that is about Madalyn's age. It was a kick seeing them interact, at least for the first few minutes. They tended to get a bit rowdy with one another.

I often wonder if Madalyn has it too easy. I mean the way she acts out sometimes really throws me for a loop. Often I am left not knowing what to do. It usually ends with one of us crying. :-)

One night at dinner Madalyn was behaving herself pretty darn good. I was very proud of her. Cosmos on the other hand was out of control. Kicking, screaming, hitting papa, spitting and throwing food, it was a sight. It took everything in me to keep the smirk to a minimum on my face. Why? Because for once it was not my own kid throwing a fit. I have not seen other kids do it and I had developed a frame of mind that I was the lucky one. NOT! I did lean over to my sister and get out a, "You too?"

Since then I have been much more understanding with Madalyn and less hard on myself. See, good things do come out of the holidays.


Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me in September, I started taking Grace to story time at the library and she wouldn't sit on the rug and listen to the story and was being disruptive. It was so embarrasing, and it took a few weeks for her to start participating appropriately at the library. Anyway, a couple of weeks later, one of the moms (whos boys always behaved appropriately and listened to their mom like angels) was checking out some books after story time and her boys started screaming and fighting in the library. I felt bad for her, but I was thinking to myself "good, so I'm not the only one who has these things happen."

Anonymous said...

so how are things going. are you still parenting as a single dad?

Jason said...

Things are going well. Taking it one day a time and yes still going at it alone.

Jason said...

I know I am being educated from all this because I was a pain when I was young. My mom gives me a hard time when I tell her of the struggles I go through. :-)