Creating My Own Destiny


With my recent approach to improving the quality of my and Madalyn's life I beginning to see where I am at fault with her upbringing and the mistakes I have made. In many situations she acts as I do which I find unacceptable. Yet I have been blinded to my behavior, until now that is. The more I change the more I hope to undo some of the things I have engrained in her.

This week has been eventful, stressful, and very blessed. I am no longer going to go with the flow and let my circumstances direct my life but take control and let my decisions create my own destiny.


Anonymous said...

What we do is "Target" a behavior that needs to be changed. Set the rules for what happens when that behavior occurs and then the hard part is that I have to make sure that I follow through with the correction....I've found that by working on 1 or 2 specific behaviors until they are gone improves her behavior in general, it's not overwhelming and she's not on time out for every little thing.

The other thing I do when I feel like we're not getting anywhere is watch Nanny 911. Not only do I get good ideas, but I also realize by seeing the kids on the show that my child isn't half as bad as I thought she was!

Jason said...

I watched that show a few weeks ago and you are right, they do have some good ideas. Can't believe the kids changed in such a short time though.