Stress Management


In all aspects of life I find that I need to practice some degree of stress management. Being "clueless" single dad I find life even more stressful at times. I have all sorts of notes, affirmations, and prayers scattered about at home and work to help with in this area.

Last week at work we get a memo with stress management written all over it. Some struck me as interesting, not because they are weird but to me they seem to be biblical, for example:

1. Do nothing that you will have to lie about later - I do stupid embarrising things sometimes. Not really lie but things I don't want to admit to if asked so I really like this one. It causes me to worry.

2. Make time for solitude everyday (makes me think of prayer and meditation).

3. For everything that goes wrong, there are 100 blessings that unfold along side it, so practice counting them and practice gratitude.

4. Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.

There they are... there were many more but these are the ones that I felt were the best to live by.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how society tries to keep God out of everything, yet we find the answers to life's problems are in Biblical principles?

Jason said...

ya, I think it is hard especially when people are trying to do the right thing to keep Godly principles out, even when it comes to stress.