Letting God


Rush, rush, rush... That is what I feel like much of the time. It seems like I am constantly trying to achieve something in my own power. Constantly knocking against a wall that pushes me back. Could that wall be God? Maybe it is time to stop pushing so hard and take some time to let God lead me. It is time to rid myself of false expectations and beliefs. It is time to let God shower His blessings on me and to receive His love.

Okay, I started a new church this weekend and I am feeling connected. It is hard when I put myself first and lose focus. I want to be the best dad I can be and the only way I can do that is to be a child to God and let Him be my dad so I can see how that relationship is supposed to work.


SergioMichel.com said...


Very nice to find your blog. I'm a single father, and have been happy to read some of your posts. I identify with finding that new church where you feel comfortable.

I really identify with rush, rush, rush. I've been totally pushing against walls for a couple of years. I definitely agree to let go of those things. I know that for me, they were stumbling blocks that kept me from being at peace and seeing God's blessings.

It's tough, but we've got The Lord on our side to help us through. I hope all goes well for you at your new church.

Jason said...

Hey, thanks for the encouraging words. The same goes for you. It is a relief to be able to be happy with what God has given. No need to beat ourselves up for what we don't have. But life is like a roller coaster ride in the dark, who knows what is coming next.

God Bless you and thanks again.

Amy said...

Hi, my name is amy, a single mom in florida. I recently came across your blog while i was looking for other christian single moms to connect with. Often, I forget about single fathers. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and Im looking forward to reading more.

Jason said...

Hi Amy, thanks for visiting. I look forward hearing from you on all your wisdom with raising 4 children.

Vivian said...

Just browsing through some of your older post. :)

Sometimes ... we forget (it's a human thing) ... we forget God is always in control. No matter what we want to do or try to do, He's in control. I'm guilty of forgetting.

I just recently read a book from Francine Rivers "Sons of Encouragement" series "The Warrior". It's a great reminder that God is always in control. All the stories through out the Bible are great reminders. Letting go so He can actually work effectively is a whole other story. LOL