Growing Fresh Tomatoes


I love making homemade salsa and eating fresh vegetables but lately my gardening skills aren't that great. I just not getting the results I want. My garden typically includes tomato, jalepeno, and onion. None of which are growing well anymore. I have seen ads for those Upside-Down Tomato Planters and am nervous to give them a try. Has anyone used them before and do they really work?


Anonymous said...

That's my question too. I saw a commercial for these and they would be great for my mom, but I'm hesitant to purchase them too :)

Jason said...

I have heard good and bad... I just don't know. I may break down and give it a try but I don't have anywhere to hang it.

Jason said...

So I was going for a walk last evening and guess what I saw... upside down plant hangers. Actually I saw them at several homes and to be honest with you they looked pretty good. I am going to keep my eye on them to see what kind of yield they get but I may buy some for next year, that is if I have somewhere to hang them.

Vivian said...

Where do you plant your "crop" now? In the ground or in pots? I guess that is why I'm asking.

We do a lot of gardening. Maybe if I know a little more about what you are doing, might be able to come up with an idea or two. I know if it's the ground, it needs to rest one season. But if it's pots, well ... that I'm not use to. LOL

Back to the ground resting ... that was one of the laws actually. Every 7 years, the ground shouldn't be planted .. needed to rest. :) That is the trivia bit for the day. LOL