Losing Patience


What a grumpy day... I find out my ex is living with several people one of which is her boyfriend and according to Madalyn they all sleep in the same bed. My ex just doesnt' get it and there isn't anything I can do about it, except get pissed. For some reason Madalyn tells me she is being washed in their sink and not the tub, granted she is only 4 but why would she make this stuff up and she has been dirtier than usual. I not getting the clothes back either and I am running out of clothes and patience.

Then I get a notice in the mail that I over drafted a savings account. What the heck... they were charging me $5 a day for an account I never put money into. I feel terrible because I let loose on the customer service rep like it was all his fault. To top it off I headed to the store and went to park and people pulled through the slots from the other side where I was going to park, not once but twice. I totally felt like going postal!

God grant me serenity for I am losing it.


Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment a while ago but it didnt post. So if you are getting this twice, my apologies.

hey take it easy. It comes and it goes. For all you know this thing that your daughter has been telling you might even be a blessing in disguise.

You now have grounds to appeal for sole custody of your daughter. Given the living conditions that your ex has at the moment and her repeated change of residence can prove that she is not after the child's well being which can make her look unfit to be a mother.

Im surprised you havent done it before. Reading from your blog, that she had to subject your daughter to seeing different men...you are the only constant in your daughter's life at the moment.

Pray about it. However, faith without works is dead.

Jason said...

You would think that would be the case but everyone I talked to about the situation says she isn't "legally" doing anything wrong. I talked to various groups, I even asked CPS and aparently providing a stable living environment before the custody arrangement is important.

I did talk to a lawyer today and he thought we could do something for a minimum of $3,000 which I would come up with if I could be reassured that I had a chance in hell to modify the arrangement. But he started to put a guilt trip on me that I thought was unethical so now I don't know who to trust or listen too.

I just have to give it over to God again and again. I wish He would intervene.

mike said...

jason, i've just stumble over your post tonight.it has been blessing for me to have found it .what i have read we have UNBIELVABLE similar set of circumstances.my ex was/still is living the same kind life yours is.i to am in my thirties my daughter will be 4 in july.i got full custody of her my ex wife has got supervised visits now.the lesson i've learned in my court cases,don't worry about the money , you have put your trust in God to help you.now go fight for your daughter no matter how much fear you have in losing,your daughters well being is more important.the good Lord will provide put faith in him.I was so scared when i went to court ,for the divorce.i knew if i lost or settled i would have lost my home due to just being broke and worse my daughter would be growing up around all kinds of garbage.put up a fight and keep on praying for strength and guidance. Being a single dad is lonely and hard i'm in the same boat you'er in.not fighting is letting your ex maintain her way of life which is putting your daughters well being in jeperdy.it it sounds harsh but put as much presure on on her as possible.make her decide to be a mother or nothing in your daughters life.

Jason said...

Mike, honestly I do agree with you about getting my ex to step up the plate and be a good mother. It is strange because she continually goes back and forth. My ex knows I am more than willing to help her if she is making atleast trying to make safe decisions for Madalyn. I wish she would see how much her life is blessed when she is seeking God. On the flip side I get to see more of Madalyn when she is not and I like that but I feel bad for the kid because she loves her mom so much and seeing her sad sometimes breaks my heart.