Aspartame is Bad


Maybe I am a bit paranoid but I can get that way from time to time. I am often skeptical of artificial sweeteners and such because I think sugar is great, in moderation of course. But since Madalyn has grown accustom to loving sugar, it must be a genetic thing, I have decided to feed her some sugar free food items. I thought about doing a little research on aspartame and even asked a chemist that I work with exactly what it was and I did not like the answer. In a language that I can understand it came down to this: ASPARTAME IS BAD! Of course there are millions out there that would agree and even disagree. Heck the FDA says it is okay even though they have received thousands of aspartame side effects complaints. There are hundreds of websites, not that I believe everything that is on the Internet, that are opposed to aspartame. The ones that I looked at seemed to have valid concerns and even stories that make you question if it is worth it. From what I can tell there really is not benefit to going sugar free.

I have made the decision to no longer buy this product or foods containing this aspartame. I found that I was feeding Madalyn this at least twice a day. Our gum, light yogurt, and popsicles contained aspartame, they are now in the trash. Reading the “possible” side effects I felt like I was watching a drug commercial, with the never-ending list of potential side effects. There are 92 known side effects to aspartame and they all look bad. For me it is not worth it and I will learn to eat in moderation, healthy, natural foods rather than look for short cuts to make up for our lack of self-control.