Healthy Snack


With the big push towards sugar free everything I am a bit nervous of what is to come. Personally I don't believe that these sugar substitutes are the answer and we are setting ourselves up for a big problem. I love sugar yet I know to much of it is a bad thing and when it comes to Madalyn I am trying to find healthy alternatives that she will enjoy. The most recent of which is buying those yogurts in a tube and freezing them. I know this is probably an old idea but I really never had to deal with such issues, heck until recently I never bought yogurt. I guess I am a late bloomer. Anyhow it works great and Madalyn loves the choice of eating the yogurt from the freezer or the fridge.


Anonymous said...

We LOVE go-gurt at our house and we freeze ours too. My dentist said that sugar is much better for your teeth than all of these substitues.

Jason said...

I am glad the dentist are supporting the sugar cause. My dentist called me the enemy because I work for a sugar company. But sugar is okay.

It is funny because it just goes to show you how much I pay attention to packaging. Right on the tube of yogurt is says you can freeze them. Made me chuckle a bit. I started freezing yogurt to initially make frozen yogurt smoothie instead of ice cream, plus you can get deals on almost expired yogurt and do that.

Anonymous said...

Good idea on freezing almost expired yogurt!

Also, I was going to ask you....what's the difference in Sugar and Organic Sugar?

Jason said...

The difference is you spend more money for organic! I don't know what constitutes being organic these days if the use of pesticides on the crops will affect it or the chemicles used in processing the sugar affects it but the fact is sugar is 99.9% natural sucrose. It is highly refined and organic sugar will likely be a lesser quality yet claim to be better.

That of course is just my opinion.