Madalyn and Dora


It has been some time now that Madalyn has been a big fan of Dora the Explorer DVDs. She really does love those cartoons and I think they are good for her. Not having cable tv I don't have many options for quality programming for Madalyn and myself to watch. She just doesn't get the CREATE channel like I do. I decided to do some research and was amazed that there are over 2 dozen Dora DVDs. Holy Cow! If you are interested in checking out Dora for your kids I recommend saving a bit of money and shopping for Dora at


Anonymous said...

Dvd's are awesome because there are some times during the day when there's nothing good on anyway.
Some of our favorites are:
Veggietales Movies
Little Bear
Little Bill
Beauty and the Beast

Robert said...

WoW. A single mom found your blog and passed it on to me. I am just starting to check it much the same. My Darling Daughter is now 71/2.
DVD's are great for two reasons; simplicity...We don't live our life around a network schedule....and there are NO commercials. I hate commercials ability to influence children.
Dora is great because of the intro to Spanish. Once my daughter was like 3 and a lady at church asked if she knew what color her shirt was...My DD is like 'Azul' The lady keeps asking not quite understanding my daughter. I finally said 'honey she does not speak Spanish please use English'
To my surprise my daughter knew exactly what I meant...she looked at the women all funny and said 'my shirt is blue...Azzuuul is spanish for bluuuue"
I was rolling.
I was wondering if this whole blog thing was worth it but I think I will try to dive in...thanks for the inspiration.

Jason said...

Robert, I know what you mean about living around the networks. It is hard with children plus all the shows are the same. We seem to be in a reality phase and a police type show. Neither are very good for me or Madalyn. I love netflix. I may be watching shows from the 70's but they are good clean fun.

If you are interested in blogging give it a try. You may be a hit.

Thanks for commenting.