Nose Jewelry


Here is a kicker... Madalyn just finished dinner and she is sitting on me and as I am looking up at her I notice something shiny in her nose. It was a jewelry bead! What the heck. How long had it been there? How was I going to get it out? I was fairly certain I knew how it got there but I asked just the same.

Of course she put it there at daycare and "yes" it was a bead. After several attempts with the tweezers and a crying little girl I was finally able to get it out. I never thought being a father meant digging jewelry out of their nose. :-)

I think she understands the importance of not sticking things up her nose. I just hope there isn't any other beads up there.

Kids... you gotta love them.


Anonymous said...

Wait till they have a jewel pierced in there nose...or elsewhere. That's a tough one for a Christian dad, let me tell you!

Jason said...

I thought of that after I was done. It was just really funny because she was so relaxed about the whole thing. Like sticking a bead up her nose was the cool thing to do. What she didn't know is that Daddy isn't good with tweezers and it could hurt a bit.

Anonymous said...

The ideas they come up with are so funny!

Amy said...

Kids love sticking things in thier noses and ears?!? One of mine put a bead in each ear (small surgery required) and one put a sunflower seed up his nose.

Jason said...

The fact of the matter we they, we, will make some not so smart moves until we cease to exist. :-)