Conspiracy Theory


I am not one of those people who like to stir up trouble or do I like to go against our government but over the years I have become aware of so many things that just aren't right. I have lost faith in our government and I guess that is alright because we all know that the Lord has to return soon and He isn't coming to a world filled with joy and peace but a world in crisis, sin, and hate.

I thought long and hard about adding the following videos to my blog in fear of offending people but I really think there is a lot of truth to them. They are disturbing to watch and stir up emotion, at least in me they did but it is important to know what could really be going on. I can't believe that the world crisis we are seeing is an accident. We aren't that ignorant or stupid to allow this thing to happen again and again. It was planned! Revelations is happening right before our eyes and it may be closer than we think. Please don't post comments to this post if they are mean and I am not looking for a political debate.

We know that God will judge the world and if you make it through the videos you may find that you are compelled to pray. The end result is inevitable but we can pray that God's will be done. We can't change what is to come but we can prepare ourselves and family for Jesus' return!