Beauty in Imperfection


As I was looking through some pictures I started thinking about God's creation and it beauty and even its perceived perfection. But as I looked closer the perfection became imperfect. Yet it still held on to its beauty. It dawned on me that EVERYTHING in this world is going to be flawed. Something is always attacking it, feeding on it, using it as shelter, sucking the life from it, trying to cut it down, etc... Ultimately it either dies or becomes stronger. Without God we will just whither up and die, we won't have anywhere to turn when it is our turn for the world to take us for a ride. Sure, everything dies someday but if we survive we may have a few scares but we will keep our beauty as we become more and more Christ-like.


Vivian said...

Mmm... there's nothing I can say that will add to that! It is beautifully put. :)

Robert said...

Some might say the 'battle' scars make us more beautiful. You are dead on Jason. Keep up the good work.