Value of Time


I had to attend a supervisor meeting today and the main thing that we were asked to consider is the value of time. What is important to me, at work and at home? What types of things can complicate life and interfere with those things? It was quite interesting because as a supervisor you have to be very careful what you do. Developing friendships with non supervisors can lead to trouble down the road or asking the wrong questions can have the same affect.

The point is we have choices but our choices, even though they seem harmless, can bite us right in the butt. As a supervisor I need to understand how my choices can affect what I value and ultimately how it will affect my time and how I feel during that time.

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Anonymous said...

I think about time everyday. I am a single mom raising two kids that change so much from day to day. It makes me sad sometimes to know they will one day have lives of their own and I might be an afterthought in their lives. That scares me to death because they are all I have..

Robert said...

Time is something I struggle with constantly. I am hours from flying to the east coast where I will not see my DD for 393 hours. That is assuming my flight home is not delayed. I know in my head that as a seaman I get far more time with my daughter than many men who are 'home' every night. However, in my heart, and the heart of my DD, 393 hours is an eternity that brings nothing but pain and tears.
Carpe Diem.