City Life vs The Woods


I spent the last week in Wisconsin next to lake Superior and I must say there are a lot of trees up there. The scenery was beautiful but after awhile it all looked the same. I know this is going to sound crazy but I missed the small city of Boise Idaho. We stayed in a house on Iron Lake and met with family from Virginia to California. To be honest I felt like every time I turned around I would be face to face with a black bear, no black bear sightings but there were many American bald eagles to watch. It took me a while to capture a good picture of one but I finally did. YAY!!

It was good to relax but I must say I am glad to be home!

Pictures from the trip (there is a lot of them)

The beach the kids practically lived on

Iron Lake

The Bald Eagle

Madalyn with her cousin. They look sweet and innocent but they are far from it. I don't know how many times we had to tear these two apart.

The best pictures.. Madalyn having fun!

Going into this trip I was hoping to really connect with God. I found that the opposite happened. Sure there was beauty everywhere but I can find that anywhere. All you have to do is look. I thought that nature may help me feel closer to God and being able to relax without any worries would bring peace. I felt the peace for a couple days but then I just wanted to find something to occupy myself. Without the problems and the people that I am surrounded with I found prayer was hard because I did not have the same things to pray for. I realized that my relationship with God does have to do with where I am at, just not physically. Mentally and spiritually is what matters.


Vivian said...

Looks like you all had a good trip. :)

I want to comment on the tail end there. Nature doesn't always equal closeness to God. Especially when nature is over run by a family reunion. LOL That's what it sounded like. Alone time ... quietness ... is the norm for hearing God and getting close to Him. There's a Rob Bell video called "Noise" that really made me think about this a lot. Turn of the tv, radio, cell phone, just seek Him ... that kind of thing. It's an interesting concept.

I know you've been worrying too. Concerned is a better word. When we have stuff on our mind, that effects the desired worship we'd like to have ... believe me ... I can relate! :)

Hang in there!!

Marja said...

The place looks beautiful. Looks like you had a good time and getting to share that with your dd is what makes dealing with lots of extended family worth it.

Worrying definately interrupts our ability to sit in God's loving embrace...that's why the Bible is so against worrying. I've had a really hard time with this lately so I absolutely understand. Listen to this song....I found it yesterday actually. Very good.

My friend reminded me the other day....I don't need to be loosing sleep by worrying.

twobeholy4u said...

Hello Jason, I can relate to what you are saying. Honestly as I read your story it sounds very familar. You have many things on your mind and allthough God is certainly one of them you appear to be struggling to find the peace He offers us. Again I slip in and out of that peace myself as I also struggle with the damage left behind in a broken marriage. Make the time to read your bible and pray, you will find it helps greatly, of course it does, it puts you back in direct communication with God. Find a support group that allows you to share and pray with one another. You will find others more than willing to pray with you and encourage you. Also praying for others and realizing "that other people also suffer just maybe in a different way" helps to to take the focus of your struggles. And it always feels good to pray for someone else and watch as thier burden is lifted. Allthough for what ever reason God has chosen not to always answer your prayers at this time, watching others receive blessings can also be an encouragment. We must always remember who is in control. It is difficult for us as sinners as we quickly learn how we are not in control. But God isn't restricted by sin and if He so chooses it will be done.

Bless You Jason

Jason said...

I never used to be a worrier but since Madalyn has come along I seem to worry a lot more. I have been doing much better giving it over to God and since I have been able to see myself in a better light and not continue to hold my mistakes against myself I see that I have a lot to offer and that I don't have to be a push over.

I still lose my peace every now and then but I am feeling much better. I think I am getting used to this roller coaster ride.

Anonymous said...

found your site today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..