On the Look Out for Germs


I don’t know how things are going where you folks live but here in Boise it seems that when anyone sneezes they run off to the hospital freaking out about having the swine flu. Granted some might but all they are doing is exposing everyone else that is around them. I think on one recent weekend we had over 200 people hit the emergency room clogging it up creating a huge mess. Its still the flu so really what can the doctor do about it? I agree we need to be careful but we don’t need to over react and live in fear. As for me and Madalyn I just try and use common sense and make sure we both are washing our hands and using sanitizer.

The point of this post pertains to an article I recently read about “Where Germs Hide.” I thought it was pretty interesting and makes complete sense. So where do germs hide?

1. Grocery Store – shopping carts and seat buckets are the worst but you also have to look out for the conveyer belt at check out.
2. The Playground – face it kids are messing and carry germs. The playground is a place where they can freely trade germs.
3. Public Restrooms – you would think that it is the toilet that has the most germs but guess what it is the sink.
4. At the Office – this one is pretty easy, the places where the germs are is the phone and desk. Here is a shocker, studies show that the desk has 400 times more germs than the toilet seat.
5. Restaurants – the biggest offenders here is the table top and high chairs.
6. Library – counter tops and hand rails.
7. Malls – watch out for the escalator handles, GERMS!

So basically it is obvious we are all going to die from germs. I wonder how we survived this long. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.


Robin said...

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Great stuff I enjoyed reading these articles.

When I started http://SingleParentsNetwork.com there was just two, and one you had to pay to belong to.

Kudos and enjoy the transition, one day you will find the right one.


Marja said...

I take, what could be perceived as an overly lazy, pretty lax stance on this. I mean, we do what we can to remain healthy both from the inside out and with our surroundings, but people have gotten the flu (whatever strain) for years. There have been many who have died, for years. I figure God has my days numbered, and if my number ends at 11,300 then so be it. I don't feel like any amount of freaking out I do will prevent what is already planned for my life.

That's totally not to say that I just walk around refusing to wash my hands or keep Purell in my bag!

Jason said...


I completely agree. We all have a time to head home.