The People God Puts in Our Lives


Over the years people have come in and out of my life and at times I wonder where they went… Did I do something to drive them away, did they get bored with me or could it be that the task they were sent to do has been completed and it was time for them to move on?

I have learned that God looks at the big picture when I am incapable of even fathoming the big picture. Even though God did not plan for my marriage to fail He foresaw it and planned for it. Ultimately I was supposed to learn something and become more Christ-like from the experience. Maybe I was supposed to learn something about other people, maybe something about me, or both. I am leaning towards both, I hope that God will use what I have gone through to help others, that is if I allow it. Sometimes I really need to put myself out there and I am not good at stepping outside of my comfort zone. But I have noticed that God is bringing people to me that are in a lot of pain and instead of me helping them they seem to be helping me. Their faith, hope, and outlook on life is encouraging. A blessing that makes me smile from ear to ear. God is using people all around the world to touch one another, help one another, mold us, teach us, comfort us, etc. At times things seem beyond hope until you look back a year later and see the tremendous progress you made and the people’s lives that have touched you and vice versa.

We all don’t have a Billy Graham or Chuck Smith ministry that touches millions but we do have a ministry that is just as important. The way we live our lives is our ministry, the people we interact with on a daily basis, how we treat our family… These are all important ministries. I know I have far to go obviously being divorced I have failed at my first marriage but I have learned tremendously! I have learned what love truly is and am eager to give all that I can. I have been blessed with a wonderful little girl that has completely melted my heart. I have learned compassion for the parent in the grocery store whose child is throwing fit.

A child can give great lessons on patience, compassion, love, long suffering - the fruits of the Spirit!

The point is we are all working for a greater good and God is using us whether we know it or not. As Christians we can rest assured that God is completing the good work that He started in us. Even when things seem to be falling apart… Maybe those are the times we learn the best.