What’s with all the Questions


You know I used to laugh at folks when their kids were always asking questions and I really never gave it much thought… that is until recently. OMG!!! Will it ever stop? :-) I am trying my best to answer the whys and the why to the answer and the why to that but I don’t think I can handle too much more. As I sit here and write this I am cracking myself up but last night I wanted to pull my hair out. I know it is part of growing up but I do hope I survive because I sure feel stupid for not being able to answer the elusive WHY.


Marja said...

Of course you can answer it! I have a son who insists I give an answer....so you know what? I've gotten really good and using what little knowledge and adding enough big words to it that he accepts my answer! Seriously, if I told him "I don't know" he'd tell me I did too and I was just not telling him because I was mean. So I may be a bit exaggeratory but, he accepted my answer. I would often look it up and then answer with more of the real live truth later on, but in the mean time, he expected an answer, what was I to do?

Enjoy this time, learn why the sky is blue, learn why the water appears darker where it is deeper, learn why clouds move faster or slower, learn why people ignore kids (yes, he asked me that!), learn why feathers come out of your pillow and poke you and then you'll come out of this in 4 years a smarter and wiser dad.

Jason said...

I think she is a bit like her dad. I tend to ask questions then all of a sudden I am a know it all. So all weekend last week I could not tell her anything... "Daddy I KNOW THAT!" She was just my little know it all.

Robert said...

Jason, yes this phase of the 'Why's" is going to end. Then you get to have fun.... Before too much time passes and she forgets the 'why' questions you get to start asking her the 'why' questions.

"honey why do you wear sneakers in gym?"
yada yada yada
"well, why?"

I have a blast doing this to my second grader, and yes, it drives her nuts now too.