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Tips for Making Time with God

1. Making going to church a priority! Many churches have several service times and some on Saturday nights. The also provide childcare. If going to church isn't an option at this point and time try watching a sermon on TV from a local church. You can also find sermons online but don't surf the Internet at the same time. Treat it as if you are really there with bible in hand.

2. Find a small group, bible study, to attend during the week! I go every other week on a day I don't have Madalyn. I look for groups that are close to where I live so it doesn't take long to get home afterward... I need my sleep.

3. Find time to read your bible! My daughter tends to be high maintenance so at times I feel I'm not able to read my bible or do many other things that need done. You would be surprised at the opportunities you may be passing up, I was. Trust me, I know there is always something that needs to get done but when you are nourishing the Spirit when you do get to those "to dos" they just go that much quicker and easier.

a) Make time in the morning, before the kids get up. I don't do this because I am not a good morning person, I wish I was but I like to hit the snooze way to much.

b) Chances are the kids are going to want to watch their favorite show or cartoon for a little bit when you get home. Instead of watching it with them or jumping into the chores spend the next 15 minutes or so of reading.

c) Read a chapter out loud to the kids at the dinner table while eating.

d) Take your bible to work and read on your break or lunch hour.

e) Buy an Apple iPod or MP3 Player, download sermons and listen to them while at work or the gym.

f) If your commute is long enough plan on listening to a NIV Audio Bible, to and from work. Get some good bible studies on CD.

g) Sing a worship song while making dinner... the kids might even join in.

h) Pray to God throughout the day with whatever comes to mind.

These are but a few tips... I am sure there are lots more. The point is to make God a priority every day. Now that I said that I would also like to add don't beat yourself up if you aren't perfect. We are saved by Grace not works.

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Vivian said...

One of the things my son and I like to do is listen to Adventures in Odyssey together. It's fun! For 30 minutes I can be a kid with him, and we're both being ministered to.