It All Starts with a Desire


I’ve noticed that at times I am an all or nothing kind of guy. If I can’t feed the world then why bother helping out at all or if I can’t care for a large group of people then why care at all. Sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? Even a bit stupid. However I find myself in the frame of mind that more is better and if I can’t give everything in a perfect way then why give at all. I am learning that giving in small portions is okay and that God isn’t measuring what I am giving but the heart of giving.

I recently helped with a food pantry and the only shortage was food. As I saw all these families coming through and the shelves emptying all I could think about is what I would do if I were rich. Well of course I would fill the shelves with food. But obviously I am not rich so what is the point, I will keep on doing what I am doing which is literally nothing…. Back to the all or nothing concept.

So finally the church put out a call for food and I thought it was about time I stepped up to the plate. All they asked for was a commitment for each family to bring 1 can of food weekly. ONE CAN! Gee I can do that but will it really help? After seeing the stock pile last week it sure looks like it is going to make a difference and I started with a desire to help but was held back by limiting beliefs. By acting on the desire to give I have been able to feel better about serving God in small significant ways.

I am learning that if I don’t follow the desires that God is placing in my heart with the resources I have been blessed with then I am limiting the quality of my life. If I am not going to step up to the plate then God will find someone else to fill the gap.