Rags to Riches


There are many ways to success and many degrees. Much of it depends on the person and what God has called them to do. Beecher said, "Do the best you can where you are; and, when that is accomplished, God will open a door for you, and a voice will call, "Come up hither into a higher sphere."

Do not think just because you don't have money or capital to begin with you wont' be successful. Most of the rich men of the years began poor. The chances are you would be ruined if you had money. You can only use to advantage what has become a part of yourself by you earning it. It is estimated that not one rich man's son in 10,000 dies rich. God has given every man a capital to start with; we are born rich. He is rich who has good health, a sound boyd, good muscles; he is rich who has a good head, a good disposition, a good heart; he is rich who has two good hands, with five chances on each.


Every man is equipped as only God could equip him. What a fortune he possesses in the marvelous mechanism of his body and mind. It is individual effort that has accomplished everything worth accomplishing in this world. Money to start with is only a crutch, which, if any misfortune knocks it from under you, would only make your fall all the more certain.