Selecting the Right Fruits and Vegetables


As a single dad I have realized that grocery shopping can have its challenges. With all the different selections these days and the long list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce I have cut way back on packaged foods and am buying fresh types of food products. While I am on the subject of shopping I do need to ask one quick question. I seem to have this perception that women are born with the ability to pick good fruit and vegetables. Is this true and should I stop watching them to see how they do it??

In the likelihood that I never get an answer to this question or it stirs up debate for years I have come across certain top secret information for men on how to pick the right foods to eat.

I have learned that buying more than a weeks worth of produce only leads to waste and if I plan my consumption ahead of time I tend only buy what I can eat. I also have to put my vegetables out where I can see them because I forget, at times, that I bought a particular one to munch on during a weekend day until it is too late. So when the weekend is coming I like to put the cucumber or whatever I bought that I don’t usually cook with on the shelf so I can see it. That way when the time comes on Saturday I can chop it up, put it in a bowl, set it on the coffee table, and munch on it throughout the day. A quick not about cucumbers is to look for ones that are bright and even colored. It should look fresh. A cucumber should be firm on both ends and throughout and smaller cucumbers tend to have a larger flesh to seed ratio. If you are going to eat the whole cucumber or seed it you are better off getting a smaller cucumber.

Okay I know you don’t really care about my eating habits so lets look at how to select produce at the store. For starters you want to look at the color, firmness, and crispness of the produce. This tends to occur when the produce is in season. It seems that over the years fruit and vegetables have lost their flavor. So I try to pay even more attention to picking the right produce. If it is bruised or wilted then steer away from it. It isn’t going to last much longer and may not taste very good. Yes, I learned this the hard way.

Each fruit and vegetable has its uniqueness about it and may require a bit more investigation… For example, when buying watermelons you want to look for a rough yellow patch on it. If it doesn’t have one it may mean that it was picked too early. I am a huge grape fan and I hate getting a bad batch but if you pick grapes that are firm, smooth, and still attached to the vine it increases your chances of getting good grapes.

I know this isn’t an all conclusive list but there is tons of information out there about buying fruits and vegetables. Each one has its own little quirks. Happy shopping.


Vivian said...

Thump mellons for the sound. Kinda like when looking for a stud in the wall. The more "hollow" the sound the more likely it is ripe.

When we purchase fruits and veggies, they always end up going to waste. My mother likes to put everything down in the bottom drawers of the frig. Once out of site, they are out of mind. If it's not where I can see it, then I forget it.

For the best produce during the growing season, hit the farmer's markets.

Your post has a lot of spiritual implications. Jesus taught us we'd know who someone is by the fruit they produce. When we are making friendships, we need to see how ripe someone is in Christ before seeking his/her counsel on a matter where we really need a brother/sister praying with us. I have quit being surprised by how often the world's answer to problems come from Christians mouths. Just like a grape, those hanging on the Vine are the ones we have a better chance of getting the nurishment we need.

I hope ... sincerely hope I'm a grape clinging to the Vine. :)