Asking God for the Small Stuff


Throughout my day I find that I have no shortage of requests for God and to ask Him for what seems to be insignificant things I consider to be a “no-no”.

Recently Madalyn or me, misplaced a couple “my little ponies” and we spent a lot of time looking for them. We even decided to clean the house as we looked for them. Yes, the couch under the cushions got vacuumed, the floor underneath the couch was got scrubbed, no stone was being left unturned, so I thought.

Nevertheless we were unable to locate her little ponies. She even called from her mom’s to inquire about my progress throughout the week. “Still nothing honey”, I reported.

So during the week I went to church and one of the assistant pastors was telling a story to the congregation about losing his name tag the day before and stressing about it. Yes, I said a name tag but don’t hold it against him he is a great guy. Anyhow he mentioned how he prayed to God for help finding it and in fact he did find it, the where I am not going to tell you because it is a bit grouse.

This ended up being another one of those “aha” moments for me. The minute I got home I asked God to help me find these little ponies for my girl and AMAZINGLY I went straight to them. I was astonished, not that God could do it but that He did do it.

At times I guess I put God into this box that He is too busy to help with the small things but I think really what this teaches is that I need to rely on God and trust Him for EVERYTHING. The bible says to pray without ceasing and God isn’t going to be offended because I asked for help to find something that ended up taking up much of my time and when found made my little girl very happy. Now has she played with them since their discovery… “NO!” But I take it that she is like her dad a bit that when something is missing it needs to be found whether we are going to use it or not.

Trust God for all things; small, medium, and large.

If you have a story to share I would love to hear it!