What are You Committed To?


I was doing some reading on the power of words and their semantics. I came to this section that touched on the topic of “trying”. For example; “I will try to lose weight this year.” or “I will try to make it to work on time.” As I continued to read I had one of those “AHA” moments. “Trying” to do something leaves a way out and speaks to our subconscious that we may or may not be able to accomplish what we desire. The difference between trying to do something and committing to do something has a huge psychological impact. When we commit to something we tend to complete that commitment.

I have committed to many things in the past, however I have found that my language these days leans more towards the “I will try” side of things.

I am no longer trying to be a man of God but I am committed to being a man of God. To me this means accepting His love and grace. I am learning to be more like Him and I have been told that if you want to be closer to God then read His WORD.

I am committed to being a great father. I will pray for wisdom and patience. I will watch what I say and how I behave. I will live my life like I want Madalyn to live.

I am committed to being a hard worker. I will work hard, giving my boss what he needs and I will continue to work hard at home with keeping my affairs in order.

I am committed to being a giver. No more will I wish I could give or only give when I feel that I am making a difference. I will give when I have a little or a lot and I will give often.

This time of the year we all try to change something in or lives. The gyms always seem to be busy until about March then they thin back out. People give up! I have watched people quit smoking only to start again. Everyone is “trying” but without commitment there is always room for failure.