Cooking Activities for the Kids


From a very young age you can involve your kids in cooking. Not only do they have fun doing it they are more inclined to try new things. Most children learn quickly taht eating is fun. I know Madalyn enjoys helping me cook in the kitchen. Putting the two together we have the makings of a good time and quality time spent together is always a blessing. Children learn best when they are busy and interested in what they are doing. When scrubbing, mixing, stirring, kneading, spreading, tossing, squeezing, and pouring, they don't realize there's even more going on, it is called learning.

I enjoy cooking with Madalyn because it involves us reading and talking to one another. As we follow directions, me from the recipe and her from me we make something that we both can enjoy eating. Also good nutrition is encouraged through cooking.

Tips for cooking with the kids inlcude:

* washing hands before and after
* use plastic knives and supplies
* don't worry about the mess
* discuss what you are doing as you prepare the food
* and have fun...


Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

R3 Method Show said...

It is also a great way for them to eat their food without complaining. It makes them feel sooooo proud!

Kae said...

I love doing this too! I plan bath afterwards while dinner (or whatever) is in the oven. This year I finally got to make Christmas cookie with both daughters. It's also a great way for picky eaters to try it. My 8yrold has tried so many new things because she has helped me make them.

Jason said...

Itsn't it great how eager they are to help at a young age. I wonder if Madalyn will still fold the towels, dust the house, and help me cook in another 5 years...

I am sure enjoying it!