You are What You Think


You’ve heard phrases like "You are what you eat." and "You are what you think." before but have you ever given much thought to their validity? The human body is made up of various compounds that require a mixed diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Water also plays a major role in body composition and is the most critical nutrient the body requires to continue to function properly.

Our bodies are only as good as how well we take care of them. Now consider the complexity and power of the brain. The brain controls every aspect of our lives from the involuntary to the voluntary. Have you ever wondered why there seem to be times in your life where you just can’t catch a break? Your life seems to be running in tandem as a mid-morning soap opera. As life is passing you by it seems others are reaching new levels of success, what is going on? Believe it or not but there could be a simple explanation to what is going on and the solution is within your reach.

Famous motivational speakers such as Earl Nightingale, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, and many others gave us the answer when they wrote, spoke, and taught about “We become what we think.” In essence we are products of our own imagination. Ultimately we are products of our own thinking and belief systems. If we find ourselves going through life with a negative attitude wouldn’t it be a logical conclusion that our lives will be filled with negativity and failure?

People throughout history started with very little and went through extremely tough times, but because of their view on life they overcame obstacles and became to be some of the most blessed and successful men. They took control of their lives and made something out of them.

“There is nobody,: says a Roman Cardinal, “whom fortune does not visit once in his life; but when she finds he is not ready to receive her, she goes in at the door, and out through the window.” Opportunity is coy. The careless, the slow, the unobservant, the lazy fail to see it, or clutch at it when it has gone. The sharp fellows detect it instantly, and catch it.

When looking into the lives of successful people there are many common threads. They are driven, hard-working, visionaries, giving, faithful, and constantly pursuing their goals. They ultimately become what they think about. Their belief system molds their mind and they achieve what they what because there isn’t any other option. Those that sit on the sidelines watching life pass them by are stuck in fear, victim mentalities, and negative thoughts. The fact is anyone can be successful – you just need to choose to be and seize your opportunity.

Don’t think you have no chance in life because you have no capital to begin with. Most of the rich men of today began poor. The chances are you would be ruined if you had capital. You can only use to advantage what has become a part of yourself by your earning it. It is estimated that not one rich man’s son in ten thousand dies rich. God has given every man a capital to start with; we are born rich. He is rich who has good health, a sound body, good muscles; he is rich who has a good head, a good disposition, a good heart; he is rich who has two good hands, with five chances on each. Equipped? Every man is equipped as only God could equip him. What a fortune he possesses in the marvelous mechanism of his body and mind. It is individual effort that has accomplished everything worth accomplishing in this world. Money to start with is only a crutch, which, if any misfortune knocks it from under you, would only make your fall all the more certain.