Fasting Doesn't Have to be About Food


Greetings all! I will be fasting from the computer for the next 7 days. It seems I spend way to much time on it. I want to begin the spring with a fresh start with God, myself, and my daughter. I have been couped up over the winter and the computer is an easy outlet but now with spring here it is time to get out!

God Bless and when I get back I will have some new insightful posts. I promise.

I just need more readers... :-)

Have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting perspective on fasting....there's just so much out there in our daily lives that takes time away from the things that are most important to us.

Hope it was a great week for you!

Mz E said...

i am feeling that! I tend to fast on food because I love to eat! your post has allowed me to expand ma mindset from just food.....i also am i victim sometimes to being on ma laptop too much......AWESOME Post! Would like to be follower but I couldn't find the button to join your page. I will favorite it. *smile*