So Close - Yet so Far


I have a great time with Madalyn and she is great at doing her chores but there are a couple things she needs to work on.  Why is it that they can get their dirty clothes so close to the basket yet fail to put them in?  It is funny because I can give her a look and she nows... she just smiles at me innocently.  Of course I pick up after her but she is learning and getting better.  I just hope she doesn't grow up to be a slob at least she put her clothes away nicely in her 6 Tier Hanging Mesh Storage Closet Organizer


Dan Pearce said...

Love the illustration! My son does the same thing, only with him it's his wet pull-ups so close to the garbage can!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happens at our house too......we just keep working on it.

Marja said...

Well good grief! That looks very clean and tidy. Try that magnified..and then multiply it by 3. Add to that one more kid, a mom who isn't exactly Miss. Clean, and you have my house, no illustrations given!