Are You Over Paying and Not Getting Reimbursed


This year has been an expensive year on medical for Madalyn and I. She had to have a tube removed from her ear which required “surgery” which of course really wasn’t. Still once you pay for all parties involved for the 5 minute procedure it cost nearly $1,500 out of pocket. Then I broke my collar bone which cost several more hundred dollars. The straw that broke the camels back in this case was the fact that several weeks ago I went to the dentist and I recently found out that I overpaid. I called them and asked when they were going to generate me a reimbursement check and their response was that they don’t issue checks unless the client requests it. WELL THEN I AM REQUESTING IT! When I asked if this was ethical it didn't matter it was policy.

I just get outraged that business’ will do anything to get their money from you but by chance you over paid they turn a blind eye to it and keep it. You know they see it on their screen, you know they balance their books, and now you know they will gladly keep YOUR money.

Also, don’t expect it anytime soon after requesting your money either. It will take 4 – 6 weeks to get it because it is so hard for them to do, okay not really they just want to continue to earn interest off all those people that have over paid.

I know from experience that some balance their books monthly and reimburse their clients but I just found out even though they may be balancing their books some don’t issue refunds for overpayment. This would be a good question to ask when selecting new providers.