PT Update


FYI: two minutes after posting my last post, after days of not being successful, Madalyn says I got to go potty. Of course I have heard it before and we take her diaper off and it is wet. To my surpise she jumps up on the pot and tinkles again. She is happy and we are excited. YAY! Madalyn.

Maybe we are back on track!


Anonymous said...

Jason, God bless you and your daughter. keep up the good work and just trust your instincts with every thing. I have a 10 year old girl and a 7 year old boy who live with me full-time. They go to their mom's every weekend. I feel lost every weekend. I have found that if I trust my instincts, usually it works out good. As you know, prayers always help too. Feel free to drop me a line. I too have found it dificult to find ladies to date, and fellow single dads to discuss our situations with. Keep the faith and hang in there.


Jason said...

Thanks Brett, with a 7 and 10 year old you must have your hands full. Madalyn is going to be 3 this December and we are going through the lice, ringworm, and potty training situations lately. I must say there is never a dull moment. To be honest I am excited with each new situations that arises because she is my first and it is daddy to the rescue. :-)

I tell you what there must be some secret place where all the 30 something single christian women hang out. Maybe one of these days one will visit the blog and let us know where that is.

With Madalyn it is difficult for me to get out but then again I don't really have anywhere to go. I just need to leave it in God's hands and pray that it is sooner than later, it always seems to feel like it is later with HIM.

Thanks for the email...I will try to drop you a line one of these days.

Barbie said...

30 something single christian women hang out. Maybe one of these days one will visit the blog and let us know where that is.
We hang out at church;-)

Jason said...

I used to think that but I need to find that church because the ones at my church appear to be married having children. Poor, Poor ME.

When it comes to falling in love and meeting someone I have a terrible time letting God do it. I am 36 and impatient. I guess there is a lesson in there somewhere. Patience Jason...

Anonymous said...

All you men think you have it so bad....try being a single mom of three...that I working full-time....who in their right mind would ever consider dating someone like least that's what I think...and who has time to hang-out!!!!

Jason said...

To the anonmous respondant...I would agree that you MAY have more of a challenge but let me say this.

Reading your comments I visioned a smart woman, which recent studies have shown are the #1 criteria that men look for in a woman. I also saw that your children are the most important thing in your life and those is the #1 criteria for me. You have a lot going for you with just those two things. God will provide that man whom will love you and your children.

Maybe you just may need to make some time to hang out!

Hey...thanks for taking the time to comment. God bless you and remember men can be babies sometimes so yah, I fall into that category now and then. :-)

Anonymous said...

So if you can't find a date at church...where do you go to find someone with the character and morals of a christian?

Anonymous said...

Mmm, it is interesting to see a single, Christian guy's perspective on life. I hope I may add some words of wisdom from a single, divorced 30 something homeschooling mom.
1. Yes there are single women at church, yes that is where you find them. Go to the really good bible believing churches and you will find them. Go to the shallow, God is love churches and you will see them too, they are just more desperate and lonely and easier to spot.
2. Get some really good teaching on what a Proverbs 31 woman is and contextually she is for a man to develop, of course she has to have a few prerequisits.
3. Avoid bitter women at all costs. Divorced women tend to be bitter unless they are relying on the Lord.
4. It sounds like you spend a good amount of time with your daughter, keep up the good work.
5. As to bribery, don't give in, no matter what. Show her you're the adult, it's what she's looking for. If she pushes on the walls and the walls constantly move she will have no security. I know that you want her to feel secure. Rules make us so. Of course, you don't become a legalist either.
6. Character matters. Christian single women our age have had really bad, they want really good. We're looking for character in real life situations, not dates where you're on your best behavior and we are too, hoping neither one of us will see the sinner inside. It all comes out in the wash anyway, why not let us see it up front (us too) and decide then and there if that's the type of mate you want. A young girl single in our church is currently courting. When asked by her mate what drew her to him he said the way she took care of his sister and walked hand in hand with her. He just knew she would be a good mom and loving wife. I know she will too.
7. Devotions are key. If she says (or you too) that she just didn't feel like doing devotions, got too busy, didn't feel God speaking to her to do them, etc., this means she's not serious about God, other things are more important. If you fall after God, imagine how important you will be in her life?
8. Take time to not be fresh from divorce before finding someone. I truly have found the real me these last 7 years. I've learned I'm a lot of fun! Even if it's just me.
Hope this helps.