Why is Madalyn Saying this?


I have noticed that the past few times that Madalyn comes back over to my house from her mom’s she is a bit of a stinker. I wonder why because her and I have a good relationship.

She is starting to say things like, “I want to be with my mommy, forever.” She does some kicking, screaming, and hitting. Basically she throws a fit.

The first part of that statement I understand and I deal with by addressing it with a, “I know and you will see her soon.” But the “forever” part throws me for a loop. I can’t figure where she is coming up with that. I don’t use that word, if rarely because I don’t believe in to many absolutes but anyhow I can’t even think how her mom may be using it.

Is this just something that kids pick up? It does not take long for her to warm up to me when she is in one of these moods, all it usually takes is a good tickle and she is happy as can be.

There are other verbal things she is doing that seem similar and they usually are a negative towards me. Maybe I am being too sensitive and I am scared that she may resent me for not being able to see her mom, which is not my fault. Unfortunately her mom doesn’t spend all the time she could with her daughter. She often times has things to do and\or says she “emotionally” can’t handle it. This is fine with me because I live for my little girl but she does miss her mom and I hope that she doesn’t view me as the bad guy. I just want to provide a consistent, stable, and loving atmosphere for her.

I don’t know what to do… I just want Madalyn to be okay.


Don said...

She's at the age where they repeat everything. She's saying it because she's hearing it.

Jason said...

That is what I was afraid of. I am often reminded that I am a big SAP.

Her mom is competitive and I have seen it with her other children that if they want dad she needs to hear something about wanting her. I am trying not to slip into this trap.

I acknowledge the feelings Madalyn has for her mom and give her a big hug. Maybe someday she will understand that I was not the one keeping her from her mom, it was her mom's decision.