I don’t think I have ever been as angry as I am now. I hate being powerless when it comes to Madalyn’s well being when she is with her mom. I have just been informed that my daughter will be living with my ex’s current boyfriend, some guy she met in the bar a couple months ago. I just can’t get over that this woman would do this instead of let Madalyn stay with me while she gets back on her feet. But then again she would have to see that Madalyn flourishes and can be happy or that I am a good parent and therefore she thinks she is a bad parent. Maybe I am over reacting but I am disgusted with this decision my ex-wife has made. So what she committed adultery, so what she smacked me around, so what she destroyed any self-esteem I made of had. All of that is nothing compared to this. I have worked long and hard to heal and God has worked miracles in my heart. I have never felt more emotionally sound and happy than I do now and yet I feel cursed because my little princess is being exposed to sinful situations.

I know we live in a fallen world and bad things happen but I have endured more with the marriage and divorce to last me a life time. All I want is a healthy and godly environment for Madalyn. Why won’t God bring Madalyn to her daddy? WHY??

I know I am no saint, well actually I am but I am also a master at sin. I know I have my problems and make mistakes but I own up to those mistakes and even more so I know I need God. I don’t want folks to think that I think I am better than Madalyn’s mom but I have watched her make many poor choices in life that compromise Madalyn’s well being. However, she does not see it that way, maybe if she was able to recognize and take responsibility for some of these choices I would not feel so bad but she doesn’t.

She used to know God or at least pretend too, why doesn’t she understand what sin is anymore?