Please Pray for Madalyn


The past few weeks have been great! Madalyn has been with me most of the time because her mom wants to prepare her for not seeing her as much, because she will be homeless and be bouncing from place to place.

I have been trying to provide as much quality time for Madalyn to be with her mom and I thought things were going well. Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling my ex that Madalyn has been doing great. No more crying when I drop her off at daycare, she listens better, she is having more fun, less angry just overall she has been great. I know she misses her mom and I don't discourage that, infact I give her clothes to wear from mom's house and she talks to her on the phone.

Well her mom calls this morning as acuses me of taking advantage of the opportunity and trying to keep Madalyn. I thought I was just working with her not against her and of course Madalyn is stuck right in the middle. At the end of this month she will be homeless and barely making enough to provide for herself. I don't see why she would cause trouble for Madalyn knowing that she will be well provided for and loved. Everything with her is a competition, I have seen it before with her previous husbands. I just ask for folks to pray that Madalyn won't be a pawn and will feel loved from both of us. I hope my ex will let go of her pettiness and hate. As for me... I married the woman I guess I should suffer so focus your prayers on the kid, she is the only innocent person here.


Don said...

You've got 'em Jason.

It's a shame your ex-wife continues to only think of herself. It's what landed her where she is.

Kathy said...

I'm knew to this but I was reading what you and your daughter ar going through, I wanted to let you know that the Lord knows what he does and all this that your daughter is going through one day he will retribute her. My prayer goes out to your daughter but specially to you because you are the pillar on which she will look for suppor. My God bless you!

Jason said...

Kathy, I sure hope so. It seems I am always waiting on God, I wish I get could get past myself and let my timing be Gods. Thank you for your prayers and thank you for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me.